Mercury Healthcare is ISO 9000:2015 and CE certified company in the field of manufacturing high tech products in medical field. Highly experienced and people in the and innovative product development in the field of medical equipment.

Mercury Healthcare main goal is develop and manufacture highly sophisticated medical equipment in India with our great experience gained from overseas manufacturers, and provide at affordable price to hospitals.

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Hyper-Hypothermia Unit

  • Faster Cooling and heating in it’s class
  • Fully touch screen control
  • Auto-Cleaning Mode for descaling & disinfecting
  • Easy to use graphical user interface
  • Introducing first ever diagnostic mode of its kind.
  • Introducing first ever manual mode for emergency use.
  • Reconfigurable according to customers need.
  • Independent cooling and heating for both the patient and cardiopledgia circuits.
  • Silent Operation compare to other similar equipment.
  • Robust electronic architecture for minimal electronic failure

Plan your visit to our Clinic

Plan your visit to our Clinic

Research and Development

  • 3 years of development
  • 1000 Hours of a clinical trial on adult and Pediatric patient
  • Hundreds of Surgeries performed in multiple Hospitals over a year time

Upcoming Features

  • Wireless Remote Control
  • Complete Control from Tablet
  • Remote Diagnostic Option

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We promised to take care… and deliver result

  • Today we had CABG was beating heart surgery, Suddenly we had a crash situation & we have to go on CPB. We went on pump and connected Mercury heater-cooler to cardioplegia chamber & to vital oxygenator. It worked very well. To my surprise I could cool the cardioplegia to 4 degree in 3 minutes. Rewarded within the time, normally it takes long time because of the heat exchanger unit is in reservoir. Mercury Hyper-Hypothermia is really a good one. Great Job
    Shiva Kumar Perfusionist July 9, 2919
  • Faster Cooling & Heating, Best in it's Class
  • Touch Screen with Graphical User Interface